Nebraska Bound!

Right now Brian is hauling our late spring - early summer born bull calves to the Toro Ranch in Broken Bow, Nebraska. It is 2,500 miles and 40 hours of drive time round trip. Lone Creek Cattle Company holds quarterly performance tests using GrowSafe systems for 2-Copy bulls (Fullblood Piedmontese and Naturalean). At six months of age the bulls are delivered, and remain at the facility for six months.  During that time there is an acclimation period, then a three month feed test, and finally a physical assessment of the animal. Keep an eye out for:

OF Deliverance 4D: Olmo x OF Lizzie 43C

OF Determination 5D: Olmo x OF Lizzie 43C

OF Diplomat 6D: PBL Captain 1L x PBL Bunny 5B

OF Donatello 9D: CDG Discovery x OF The Matriarch 71C

OF Dynasty 12D: Billy x JT Santa Cruz 14Z

Toro Ranch in Broken Bow, NE

Toro Ranch in Broken Bow, NE

Justin Owens